03 May 2009 @ 04:11 am
Now that my journal is ready to be used, it's time to post.

To be honest, I'm considering using my dreamwidth to crosspost anything I would usually post in my LJ, or rather, start posting here and crossposting it since this function is incredible. Or maybe move here compleetely, mostly because I like starting over from time to time. Another reason is because, frankly? I love the username. I don't feel that [ profile] telrunya fits me anymore, but I would never pay for a rename token. I wouldn't be able to anyway, since Otani's paid time ran out today and I don't know when I'll get money to pay for it. Or my others characters' accounts who might run out this month, while I'm at it. But we will see about that, right? Basically, I don't want to move yet but I like this username a lot more, and I'm shallow.

Related to the previous paragraph. Man, I didn't notice that all of my icons had something . . . very obvious in common. I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE. It feels weird to only have six icons, but I WILL SURVIVE. And because I'm shameless, I love my profile and my layout way too much. Even if the first one is very simple: [personal profile] comfortingsounds. And just because I felt like it, I made a new profile for my LJ: [ profile] telrunya.

Now a meme, because [personal profile] lluvia wanted us to explain our usernames.

I picked up comfortingsounds because . . .  )

That would be all for now.
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