comfortingsounds: (TV: Glee - Let me love you)
Liz ([personal profile] comfortingsounds) wrote2009-12-09 01:13 am

☁ 005: Useless information

I should update this more often. It's been so long that I bet no one remembers who I am. :x

Either way. I might move my personal stuff over here if Inksome ends up closing down, because otherwise I would have to open a new journal and that's kind of pointless.

Moving to other things. Finals are killing me, and . . . doing this canon review for this app is making me nervous. WHAT IF I CAN'T PLAY THIS AWESOME CHARACTER AFTER ALL? But it's one of my favourite canons ever, so I must have them. Besides [REASONS HERE]. I've a feeling I'm kind of obvious to a few people because of [REASONS], though. But I don't care.

In other news, I think the sorely reason I'm posting is because this journal felt too empty.

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